What we do

Enterprise solutions

Quantum Edge is a software development company that takes pride in our ability to propose, develop and maintain custom business solutions, whether they are small medium or large scale enterprise systems. We develop for any platform, mobile, Windows application or web according to your needs.

We specialize in large volume data processing and the performance thereof. Our business analysts come from technical and business backgrounds which lead to our applications being robust and easy to use. This gives us the ability to do any required impact analysis and technical recommendations to our valued clients.

One of our main focuses is the business output of any deliverable. We believe that the business user should have a great experience using our products and that any information should be available on request.

We have an experienced team of report writers to allow for detailed reporting and to makes sure that any information required is on hand at any given time. This enables you as our valued client to identify any ambiguities in your business process.

Our Approach

We have proven to be successful in various industries by consistently over delivering on expectation. We don't just follow our SDLC we live it. Our ability to produce superior quality business requirements specifications and functional specification is unmatched. The documents we produce are concise, easily understandable and leave the business user with a very clear understanding of what will be delivered and how it will work. Our user acceptance testing is not conducted in the "accepted industry standard": It's more of a "hand holding" process that we guide the business user through the functionality being tested.

This accomplishes 2 main goals:

1- The user gains an understanding of the developers thinking and more importantly.

2- The developer sees exactly how the user is using the functionality and what the user was expecting.

Technical Knowledge

We have a very wide variety of development skills and we develop using our own in-house developed foundation which takes care of a lot of the internal plumbing of our code.

Project Management

We believe and understand the urgency of deadlines and also the ramification it might have when itís not met. As a team of experienced business analysts, software developers and project managers we work through the requirement with attention to detail by adding each item as a separate task in to Microsoft Project professional with the amount of time required for that specific task and also add notes for every single task so that anyone who looks at the project plan understands each task and timeline.

We also include costing per resource in all our project plans so that there is a price associated with the actual task.